Education Discount Program
The Discount Program prices are only available for schools and music education programs.
Rhythm Signal Records & Productions was created by two former College music majors who would now like to help out the music
programs that helped them.
    How The Program Works
    Set the date and the desired event will be professionally recorded by one or two RSR engineers.
    The recorded material is then mixed and mastered to produce a high quality CD with a professional appearance for
    your school and music programs (example at Cd Production).  Depending on order size, CDs will be delivered to you
    within a week to three weeks.  * Many Schools use the Discount Program as fundraisers for their music departments.

    What Are The Benefits Of The Program?
    These CDs will create memories for the school, students, and family members which last a lifetime.
    The CDs belong to the music program or school and can be sold at any time.
    You set the price. With the average CD price, the overall profit per item is much greater than most product selling
    Unlike most CD replicating companies, we will process smaller quantity orders as low as 25 discs.
    Rhythm Signal Records keeps a master copy of each recording, enabling customers to reorder at any time.
    With our discount program pricing, your recording costs are 70% less than the average studio's recording rate!
    We only charge a tracking engineer's fee for the recording:
    $10 an hour per engineer for the first four hours and only $8 for each additional hour! (1 or 2 engineers are usually needed.)
    There are no equipment fees, no hard disk storage fees, and no recording, mixing and mastering fees!
    * A $6 fee is applied so we can keep a master disc and backup disc in case you need additional CDs at a later time.
    * Depending on distance traveled, mileage fees may be applied.