Welcome To The Future Of Music
    Rhythm Signal Records & Productions is proud to be a part of the new unexplored world in the ever-changing music industry.  Here
    you can find information about the available services offered through Rhythm Signal Records & Productions, recent RSR business
    news and RSR contact information.

    Available services
    Sound Production - Engineering / Producing / CD Production / Studio Musicians / Music Publishing / Touring
    Photography - Photographers
    Film Production - Filming / Post / Soundtracks  **coming soon**
    Print - Advertising / Interviews  **coming soon**

    Recent News and Events
    12/21/2007 - Stealth Ninja has joined the RSR band roster.  To learn more about Stealth Ninja, visit our Bands Page.

    If you are interested in booking any Rhythm Signal artists for live performance, please use our contact page.

    Demo Submissions
    Currently we are not seeking any new bands to add to the RSR roster and we are not currently accepting demos.

    Contact Information
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